Way of life

So yesterday around noon, my mom calls while I’m at work and tells me that my grandfather is in very critical condition. He had 2 strokes in the past week and a half. My grandmother just got admitted to the hospital 2 days ago for some coughing and possible throat infection. Just last week someone backs into my 2007 Honda Civic. Yes I may be venting right now, and yes a lot is going on in my life. Last night I was laying down and contemplating about life and all the unexpected occurrences that happen throughout our existence. Whether it’s the life of my car (it’s in the shop) or close ones in my life or even the life of a Uhaul box truck, we can only do what our beings are capable of doing. Whether you know a mechanic or are a mechanic yourself, you have the ability to take a not so good running truck and put your sweat and tears into it and make it a reliable working truck for you. Then theres the other areas of existence which we cannot control. I had no control of the guy that backed into my car. I realized that sometimes even though you are proactive and preventitive, you cannot control the forthcoming. I had the urge to just say, “shrug it off ! It’s not the end of the world.” However, with my grandfather he will no longer be here with us physically. I always think about what heaven is like. I know once he goes he’ll be watching over all of us. But this begs the question… is there really an end to life? Is there an end a walk? Is there an end to the day? Is there an end to a Uhaul box truck. Whether someone purchases it to piece out and salvage certain parts to use, is there still an end? Is there and end or is there a continuance just in a different realm? Right now I’m focusing on extending the life of a Uhaul box truck. I believe it all about how you perceive things. Theres a saying that says, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” When people say try thinking outside of the box or put yourself in someone elses shoes… I do more then that. I’m thankful for what God granted me. Everyone and everything is different, and I think that’s what makes us so unique. The many facets, and spheres of personalities one can have makes life all so fanatical. They way we speak, the way we think, the way to percieve and the way to act all influences one thing or another. To summarize this entry, the way of life is all up to you.

I’ll end with this quote:

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”


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