Do you ever think about what the word FREE means? Does it mean to be liberated or maybe at no cost to you? My grandfather is now liberated from the respirator and all the machines and IVs. I heard the IV’s are uncomfortable and painful. In essence he’s doing everything on his own. Just like our Uhaul box trucks, we have to liberate them from our fleet because we need room for newer, cleaner trucks. Even though we liberate these trucks, we have to understand that it’s going to be valuable to someone out there. So the understanding many buyers need to think about is… I’m paying less but what else am I gaining from it that doesn’t cost any money. In the end it may not cost you any or much hard cash, yet some may argue, it’s worth the time and effort and possible hardship. For example, I may buy a used car, and feel I got a good deal. Why you ask because I saved money. A customer wants an A-ok good running 24′ (GH) foot full box truck for $2500. We all know that won’t get them the truck. What non- monetary expense are they considering? Maybe repairs, putting advertising on the truck, a minor dent, what about a starter that needs replace. What they haven’t thought about is whether a engine or tranny was rebuilt or all the preventive maintenance and care Uhaul put into the trucks when they were in the active rental fleet. Whatever the reason, I think many forget to forget all the benefits they dont’ have to pay for. In my grandfather’s situation, he is free to breathe on his own. No IV’s or tubes going in and out of him. With Uhaul’s box trucks, the truck can be free to a new owner who can do much more with it. Convert it, utilize it for advertising or even mobile storage. It’s sad to think about liberating someone or something, however we all need to think about the non-monetary benefits and advantages to letting go. It may be hard but we have to do it.

Now help me liberate some of my wonderful used Uhaul box trucks, cargo vans, pickups and auto-transports….


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