Truck sales for the do-it-yourselfer

Especially when doing long renovation projects in the preferred DIY fashion, it can get very expensive to move all of your home items to avoid damage. Also, storing your tools and materials can be overwhelming for a normal garage.

U-Haul sells box trucks that were retired from the rental fleet to bring in newer, more eco-friendly trucks. This can be perfect for a renovation project that may take an extended period of time. It’s great on-site storage with the patented U-Haul water/weatherproof box. They work perfectly for small businesses as portable advertising, delivery trucks and storage.

U-Haul sells the trucks at incredibly discounted rates which can make it the most convenient and cost effective means for storage. The great thing is that there are over 2,000 locations nationwide and in Canada that sells them:

Check out the website and our videos to see why it could be a great option.

U-Haul Truck Sales


One Response to “Truck sales for the do-it-yourselfer”

  1. hchase86 Says:

    I absolutely love that Uhaul sells out their old Uhaul trucks! I bought one at a great price for relatively no money for my small business. The people were friendly and I would definatly recommend it to my friends, or even strangers!

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