ATTN: Motorsport Aficionados !!

Are you a serious motorsport fan or even fanatic? Well have you ever thought of a better way of transporting your toys? Whether it be a couple dirtbikes, racecars, your quads, dune buggies, sandrails or even jetskis or waverunners, Uhaul has used box trucks that can be perfect for transporting these types of vehicles. After visiting a couple motorsport websites, it was amazing to see the innovative ways motorport enthusiasts are doing with our plain old box trucks equipped with a mom’s attic. We came across the Krawler Hauler (see previous post) in which a father and son purchased a very clean 26 foot International 1654 box truck with a V-8, 7.3 liter Diesel engine and a 5-Speed standard SPICER CM4054A with Power Take off access. This father and son converted the truck into part rv and part toy hauler. A 4 gallon hot water tank was installed along with a shower that theres an external water inlet. Also a sink was installed inside the truck. A work bench was put in as well as a rest area up in the mom’s attic. A rocking chair was put in, along with a mini tv, a microwave, a refrigerator, a portable stove all equipped with an electrical outlet. Ramps were assembled on the rear to drive up their jeep to the rear end of the truck. Now that’s dedication and it looks like the end product was well worth it. When we find ourselves wrapped up with all the stresses in life sometimes it’s nice to just get in your own “Krawler Hauler” and go for an escape or a needed vacation with loved ones. Check us out on to see updates on whats going on with truck sales.

Happy motorsportin’ !!


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