The Web 2.0 Generation

As technology advances, so comes the remarkable and very exciting expansion of the web. From social networking websites such as Facebook & Myspace to blogs such as the one we’re currently utilizing to real time short messaging platforms such as Twitter and the Digg, the web has become the conduit to endless opportunities. Communication and the ability to share info will be as simple as a mouse. A decaded ago, would we have imagined CEO’s publically informing us of what they are doing every moment of the day. That brings us to the question how these sites benefit a company or small business? What about a segment of a huge corporate company. Currently, Uhaul is known for being in the business for move-it-yourselfers, however how can we inform consumers out there about our other programs ? What do we need to start doing ? What are we missing? Is there an untouched market that we’re missing out on? For some the many, facets of online communication may be mind-boggling to many however it’s the way of the future. I believe we really need to utilize this channel of communication and allow ourselves to know what’s going on in this world to be able to successfully gain value from this web interface. By providing others valuable information, you will see that you will see the same return. It’s amazing to see the power of the web. A great example would be Barak Obama’s presidential campaign. As I was on my personal Facebook during the campaign, all I saw were links and videos on Barak whether it was supporters or detractors, it was all over the web. As we all jump onto the bandwagon of this medium, we all have to realize we may never understand the full capacity of what the web offers. It’s going to be a constant, never-ending marvel! Only experience will tell. If you have any useful tips for us on web optimizing feel free to share with us.


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