Tryin to search for sites on google

I’ve learned a lot today about searching for things on google and how the “bots,” as they call them, find and identify web pages. “Bot” is short for robot and they really are just that. They are virtual programming robots that search the world wide web for what they think should be on It’s pretty crazy really. I found that your website doesn’t need to be really fancy or lengthy, it’s actually quite the opposite. Although you need to find a happy medium, really elaborate sites or very lengthy sites are actually very much unattractive to the bots. They say you should only have between 100-250 words on one page of your site. Pictures are okay, but it’s the text that actually gets their attention and helps your ranking on google. I’ll write more once I read more! I’m going to make us #1 🙂 but I think there is a reason people make this their profession, it can be VERY confusing, if you have the money, it’s a lot easier to hire someone to help! haha Have a great weekend!


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