New vs. used

Okay, so you’ve decide that you’re either going to start that business you’ve been wanting to or you’re finally going to break down and buy a truck for deliveries so that you can stop putting 50,000 miles on your car every year! Now you have a big decision to make when deciding whether to buy a new or used box truck for your business. There are some pros and cons to both. New trucks are EXPENSIVE! You can really get yourself in the hole spending $50,000 on something new. Plus, with your small business loans, you may not want to even try for yet another loan. They’re great because they’re new and don’t usually have many mechanical issues but is the monthly payment really worth it?

A used truck is exactly what it’s name says, it’s a previously used truck. Other people have driven it and put tons of miles on it. With a U-Haul though, you know you’re getting something that has been worked on by professionals and taken care of while it was still rented because if it wasn’t, U-Haul wouldn’t make any money. The price tag is appealing, maybe 1/10 of the new cost. You could pull that out of your bank account and not have to worry about a monthly payment. Yeah, it make take a little bit of work now and then, but that’s all you’ll have to worry about… no monthly payment + all of that stuff.

Think about it….. more to come….


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