Mobile Advertising

Ever think about creative ways to advertise your business, event or even your speciality? We all tv, radio and billboards cost, what about mobile advertising. In the recent couple years, we’ve seen it everwhere. Trucks that have billboards on the back of the vehicles, box trucks with creative and attractive imaging. Whether it be just words on the truck, or even a artifical enlarged redbull on the vehicle, no doubt about it it catches your eye! Well Uhaul currently sells used box trucks and can offer a platform for mobile advertising. Think about it…, invest in a nice flat whited out box truck which you can easily image with whatever your heart desires. In addition to the ability to advertise on the box, think about all the storage capacity you have on one of Uhaul’s used box truck. In these economic times, for small businesses they’ve got to start thinking more economical. A couple thoughts would be reducing expenses and increasing business. Why not look into purchasing a used box truck or van to do that?! Uhaul currently sells used box trucks, pick ups and cargo vans at a very affordable price which allows anyone a simple solution to a variety of needs. Visit our website below in order to see what’s available in your area.


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