Sizes and prices of our trucks….

I thought that with all of the information in the other blogs that I should let everyone know the asking prices for the trucks. U-Haul sets asking prices, but they take offers on everything. These are the prices that I have found to be a pretty sound average for asking prices. They have so many trucks that I know they will negotiate based on the condition and mileage, stuff like that.

10 ft. trucks – 2003 GMC; asking $10,995
14 ft. trucks – 1993,94 GMC C600; $3,995
1993,94 Ford F-350; $3,995
17 ft. trucks – 1993,94 Ford E-350; $3,995
24 ft. trucks – 1993,94 GMC C6000; $4,595
– 1994,95 Ford F700; $4,595
26 ft. trucks – 1988-90 International Navistar; $3,995

Really the bottom line to Uhaul trucks are that they make sense. When you start a business, expand your business, or just need extra storage, this is a one time purchase. Everyone needs to save money so, whether you’re in a great financial spot or not, it’s always good to save money.. right?

More to come…


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2 Responses to “Sizes and prices of our trucks….”

  1. zel Says:

    so do you sell u-haul trucks???

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