Our most popular problem…

So, we have all different kinds of truck that we sell ranging from 10′ to 26′, I’ve already said that. There are different year trucks as well.. ranging from 1988 to 2003. Why, though, is it always the truck that you don’t have that people want? We’ve had these 1989-1990 Toyota 10′ trucks that EVERYONE loves! They are great little gas runners that seem to run FOREVER, they never quit! We sold 2,200 of them in 2007 and about 1,700 last year… obviously, they helped business because they were easy to sell. But what do you do when you only ahve 400 left in the whole country? What do you replace the most popular truck out there with? Hmmmm…. mind you, none of our other trucks are bad, they’re great! But I can’t count the number of calls I get daily for them with people in LA or Miami wanting a Toyota and I have to tell them in all honestly, they’d have to go to Chicago, NYC or Boston to get one because that’s ALL there is! I actually had a guy go that far.. who would have thought that one! 🙂 This was a random one but more later..


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2 Responses to “Our most popular problem…”

  1. mike Says:

    Im looking for an engine an trans ford truck. Trucks for sale

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