Another reason to purchase a Uhaul box truck

So I received this email from Krawler Hauler, Scott’s friends Shawn who also purchased a 26 foot Uhaul International box truck and converted it into an RV and toy hauler all in one. Here’s his email to me about re-registering the vehicle recently.
Just headed downtown this afternoon to re-register my UHaul Toterhome, and thought I’d send you some Montana factoids:
Last year, my Toterhome wasn’t modified when I registered it, and was still very much a 26′ medium duty box truck.  It cost me $185 to register for the year.  Montana law (which is similar to a lot of states) allows us to get a converted vehicle inspected by a Law Enforcement Officer, and it can be registered for a different useThis year, since I had it inspected and the title changed, I will be able to register it permanently (in Montana, any non-commercial vehicle over 9 years old can be registered permanently) for $215!!  If I did an annual registration, it would have only cost ~$100/year as a motorhome.  The title change was $30, and the inspection was free.
Motorhomes are significantly cheaper to insure and register than medium trucks.  There are also generally GVW loopholes for motorhomes, where GVW and GCVW rules much stricter for a “medium duty truck”.  Just thought those tidbits might be of interest to people looking at these trucks.
To formally convert it to a Motorhome, in Montana we had to have 4 of the 5 items below:
Interior Electrical system/lights





It is my understanding the list of requirements is fairly common among states, with a sink and electrical being the most common/important.


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