Serving a multitude of industries

Its a busy week here at U-Haul Truck Sales headquarters. Many people and even small businesses are receiving their tax refunds back. With extra $$$$ in hand, many are deciding how to spend the this quick cash. With the economy starting to look up, many individuals are looking to expand their small business. Many of which need transportation whether for their equipment or to transport goods, transportation is a dire necessity. U-Haul is fascinated with truck transformations we continue to see on the road. It’s a great feeling when I get off work and drive 25 miles home to see a used U-Haul refurbished by a business to run their own operations. I’m very excited to let you all know that U-Haul will be offering 1997 E-350 17 footers available for sale now. These are priced on average of $6k. Also we will have more of the 2003 GMC 10 foot box trucks (my favorite) available for sale. These 10 footers are priced on average for 8k. The great news is prices are negotiable. I always encourage customers to call and schedule an appointment to come in for a test drive, ask questions and make your offer to the salesperson!! Who knows that tax money could buy you a quality truck! If you don’t have 6-8k to spend, I suggest a 1995-96 GMC 3500 or Ford F350 for around 3-4k depending on mileage and condition. With many small contractors with a high demand of work, it’s a great idea to increase your fleet and get multiple jobs going and ensure you are in business. Here are a list of industries that we hear from on a daily basis:

– Carpentry
– Construction
– Lawn & Garden
– Home renovation
– Roofing
– Restaurants
– Food & Beverage
– Moving companies
– Farm & agricultural
– Industrial
– Steel
– Logging

For more information on our used U-Haul box trucks For Sale, visit our website:


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