U-Haul sells off-rental box trucks! It’s true!

U-Haul is know for the Move-It-Yourself and storage resource. When one is planning a move, they automatically think, I need a U-Haul. Amongst renting a truck or trailer and providing storage and a multitude of many services and moving supplies, U-Haul also has a segment in which cater to small business owners, contractors and individuals who are planning to rebuild or even start a truck project. These professionally maintained used box trucks come to a point where they need a new owner and even a home. There are many handymen and women that are looking for a cost-effective option for transportation. We speak with potential buyers that are in the market to purchase a truck to own and make it work for them. These are the customers we seem to see on a daily basis that visit our locations. One of the prevelant type of buyers are not looking to spend much and understand that when it comes to buying a used truck, they also know mechanic know-how or have family or friends who are mechanics. Many consumers are not aware of used U-Hauls for sale. However, it is true, U-Haul offers quality used box trucks and even cab & chassis’ (box removed) for sale for a low cost. U-Haul currently has over 2000 Truck Sales locations at our U-Haul centers, saleslots and even U-Haul neighborhood dealers. Anyone interested can just call and schedule an appointment with our locations and proceeed to take a test drive and make an offer. It’s quite simple and the majority of our truck sales take place in the same day. If you have questions on how to purchase a used/former U-Haul visit our website and take a look at the trucks available for sale in your area.



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