The History of Transportation

It’s amazing as we evolve into the world of transportation, we tend to lose focus on how it came to be. As I take you on a brief flashback through the history of transporation, imagine how life would have been if we were living in those ages.

– In 3500 BC the 1st wheels on cart, the chariot is invented.
– In 2000 BC river boats with oars are invented.
– In 181 AD, the wheelbarrow is invented.
– In 1492, Leonardo Da Vinci theorized machines that would fly.
– In 1620, the first submarine was invented.
– In 1662, Blaise Pascal invents the 1st public horse drawn bus.
– In 1783, the 1st practical steamboat was invented by Marquis Claude Francois.
– In 1790, the first bicycle was invented.
– In 1862, Jean Lenoir makes a gasoline engine automobile.
– In 1903, the Wright Brothers invent and fly the 1st engined airplane.
– In 1908, the Model T Ford was invented by Henry Ford.

As you can see time, resources, experimentation and aptitude played a huge role in refining the multitude of different modes of transportation. Whether it was a buggy, boat, plane or automobile, they all served the purpose of transporting humans or freight. Making transport more and more efficient for a daily use, vehicles have revolutionalized the way we live. Billions of people today, walk, ride a bike or drive. Millions of businesses drive trucks, tow trailers, drive tractor trailers which carrier their freight from point a to point b. It’s a necessity for all of us. We may just still be in the progressive stages, as electric and alternative energy type of vehicles continually are released to the public. U-Haul specializes in renting equipment to serve that purpose of helping people move and transport their goods. Not only do we rent them, for the small businesses or consumers that require a truck for their use, U-Haul also sells used box trucks for very affordable prices.


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