U-Haul Truck Sales: Serving an array of customers

Used U-Haul box trucks are seen everywhere across the US, Canada, Hawaii, the Bahamas and even in Africa! Having been with the U-Haul Truck Sales department for over 3 years now, I love the opportunity to talk to all sorts of folks who are in the market for a box truck to serve their needs. Many are business related while others may be for personal use.

Let’s take a closer look at the business side first. Many small to large scale contractors require transport of their materials, tools and equipment. The construction industry cannot operate without their materials and equipment. The construction industry needs about 240,000 employees just to keep up with the demand for new roads, buildings, schools, airports, hospitals, power plants and housing. There are three basic types of construction: commercial, residential, and industrial. There is always a need for construction. After this structures are build, businesses come in. These businesses whether it may be product or service related, theres a need for advertising and distribution. I’ve seen trucks purchased to use as delivery trucks, from catering to a supply truck. Capitalizing on the advertising space on their plain white box, many businesses advertise their business right on the box. So where does U-Haul Truck Sales come in you ask? Well we provide this “vehicle” to make it all happen. Used U-Hauls are conveniently accessible at for 1300 locations nationwide. Prices are reasonable and we have a variety of sizes that range from 10 foot to a 26 foot, from a 1988-2004 model. This offers the ultimate purchaser to have options. Start your very own food truck, start a fleet for your HVAC company or contract with a mobile advertising agency to have your box trucks imaged with eye catching graphics to draw customers your way!

Now that we have cover the business end, what kind of use can a consumer benefit from with the purchase of a used U-Haul box truck? How about a Gardenhouse http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1022140439523.2003989.1405572132#!/photo.php?fbid=1420076427674&set=a.1022140439523.2003989.1405572132&type=1&theater

or your very own RV/Toy Hauler such as the “Krawler Hauler


As you can see, with some handy skills and a little bit of welding and creativity, a plain box trucks can become quite the feat! I’ve seen some fascinating conversions that include agricultural type trucks to rv conversions, mobile music lesson trucks

Check out our Flickr photo gallery for the amazing transformations…..


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The goal I have here is to create awareness of the multitude of uses for a plain old used U-Haul box truck.

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3 Responses to “U-Haul Truck Sales: Serving an array of customers”

  1. MOBILE ADVERTISING Philippines Says:


    […]U-Haul Truck Sales: Serving an array of customers « Uhaultrucksales’s Blog[…]…

  2. tyler Says:

    This is great info for someone in need of a truck or trucks. There are a multitude of uses for trucks like these.

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