Who buys a used U-Haul box truck?

Here are a list of uses for a used U-Haul box truck:

  • Small businesses – Used box trucks are great for local deliveries & transporting supplies
  • Food Trucks – Great for converting into a food truck from simple to elaborate
  • Restaurants – Convenient for picking up restaurant supplies and for large purchases
  • Contractors/Construction – Used U-Hauls are great for storing & transporting materials, supplies and equipment for jobs
  • Painters/Interior decorating/Home renovation/Remodeling – Working on a job and need a vehicle that stores your supplies in a dry, secure place, a used U-Haul is the answer. 
  • Plumbing/HVAC/Pool contractors – Never worry about running back and forth, with a used U-Haul you can keep all the tools you need with you in your truck.
  • Electricians/Insulation/Roofing – Need to deliver materials for your job, a used U-Haul have lots of storage capacity for all your tools & equipment.
  • Landscapers/Concrete work/Paving – Used U-Haul have lots of storage capacity to store lawn equipment and tools for lawnwork
  • Catering/Event coodinating/Food Service – Used U-Haul can be the ideal truck with some work, shelves and panels can be put in to suit any type of food service or catering company.
  • Computer Services & Support/SEO – The clean white box truck allows for any type of advertising you can think of
  • Mobile advertising companies – It’s a mobile billboard ready to go
  • Conversions/Motorsports/RV/Toy Haulers – Great for recreational use
  • Consumers/DIY – Working on a home project?  Have no garage? Painting?   Need extra storage to temporarily store your furniture?  A used U-Haul would be an affordable

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2 Responses to “Who buys a used U-Haul box truck?”

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    • uhaultrucksales Says:

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