U-Buy, U-Drive, U-Advertise – Own your very own used U-Haul!!

Running a small to large scale business is not easy these days.  Think about it….. You have your operating expenses,  payroll and your advertising expenses.  With most businesses, advertising can be very costly.   Now here’s where you stop and re-evaluate your advertising expenses.

Ask yourself……

1.  How am I advertising?

2. How much am I spending on advertising?

3.  What medium of advertising am I/we using?

Now as a U-Haul Truck Sales information specialist, I will offer smart, economical way to do this.  As an expert U-Haul Truck Sales Analyst, I advise you to invest into an asset (U-Haul box truck) which will dramatically revolutionalize the you do business and advertise. 

As I like to say, let the world know who you are with a used U-Haul.

Used U-Haul box trucks have a clean white box, ready for any graphics from the simplest designs to elaborate, you are sure to get your message across.

Here’s a couple used U-Hauls that do this


Simply buy a used U-Haul, throw graphics on it and there you have it a Mobile Billboard which goes everywhere you go! 

For more information visit our website


To simply get started,

1. Check out our website for a truck near you.

2. Schedule a test drive

3. Make an offer

Add us on Facebook for our location of the day and receive updates on deals, steals and how U-Haul trucks creates appeal.

Signing off…..

~Donna, your friendly U-Haul Truck Sales Information specialist!


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