Off-rental U-Hauls get a 2nd life



Ever heard the phrase born again?  Well in the life of a U-Haul box truck, many are “born again” once they are pulled from our rental fleet.  Many people are not aware that U-Haul even sells box trucks.  That’s why I’m here.   My goal is to create awareness and give our plain looking box trucks a second life.  So you may have some questions right about now…….


U-Haul’s mission & primary service objective is “To provide a better and better product and service to more and more people at a lower and lower cost.”  In order for us to achieve this, we strive to continue putting newer and newer trucks into our fleet by selling off the older models and allowing others to make good use of them.  


Everyone benefits when we sell trucks.   Small businesses including contractors, rv/camping enthusiasts, mechanics and even regular Joes can see a need for a decently priced used truck.  Other parties that may reap the benefits of buying trucks are homebuilders & renovators, landscapers, roofers, concrete workers, flooring companies, cleaning companies, plumbers, hvac specialists, electricians, you name it!  Whether there is a need to transport goods or store goods or even advertise a new business, we hope that many will check out what we have to offer.   


How does one go about purchasing a used U-Haul box truck?  It’s quite simple, either a call to our U-Haul Truck Sales Hotline at 1-866-404-0355 or a visit to the U-Haul Truck Sales website


U-Haul box trucks are available for sale all across the US & Canada.   Currently, we have 10, 14 and 17 foot box trucks available.   You may locate a truck on our website by simply entering your zip code or city and state and view the trucks in your area.

Help us give our box trucks a 2nd life and share your story with us if you have purchased an off-rental U-Haul. 



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